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  • Phil (Sunday, October 15 17 03:05 pm BST)

    I visited Chris back in early 2015 when I suffered from depression. Chris worked wonders with me in helping me understand how I was feeling and how the brain works. Through relaxation and meditation techniques Chris and I worked through the problems together. Week by week I noticed positive changes in myself and the way I started to handle stuff changed for the better. I cannot thank Chris enough for the help she provided.
    Thank you, Chris, you helped me change my life around.
    High recommended.

  • Barbara Chatfield (Monday, July 21 14 09:08 am BST)

    When l went to see Chris for the first time, l was so anxious my husband had to take me, l had NO confidence at all, and very tearful, l never went out, unless l really had to, l made all the excuses
    not to go. Also l had a terrible Fear of Flying, l wanted to go and see our grandson Matthew and family in Toronto so much, my husband had to go on his own all the time. After a few sessions with
    Chris, my confidence grew and grew,
    and yes l have just come back from a Fabulous holiday in Canada with my family, all Thanks to Chris, l am always half full and not half empty.. any more.
    Thank you Chris, you worked wonders xx
    You have become a dear friend x

  • TC (Sunday, July 20 14 09:09 pm BST)

    Having been a smoker for over 50 years I was determined to stop the habit once and for all. I approached Chris for help knowing she'd be sympathetic to my cause having once been a smoker
    It is now over 2 years since my last cigarette. There has been the odd occasion ( few and far between) when I thought it would be nice to have a cigarette but those thoughts soon passed.
    I would, at a rough guess, say I have saved c. £2,500 which is incredible! An added bonus is that my clothes and breath don't smell of stale smoke.
    Thank you Chris for all your help.
    Highly recommended.

  • DP (Monday, April 07 14 01:48 pm BST)

    I have been suffering with anxiety for 6 months which started to affect my social life and work resulting in my GP signing me off for a long period and also being prescribed medication.

    I felt like every step forward I was taking a two steps back as something always seemed to 'crop up' and bring my anxiety back on.

    My most recent struggle was having a panic attack whilst driving to work, because of this I was no longer able to drive to a place where I had to get there for a certain time (appointments, work,
    meeting friends etc) I was frustrated and could not seem to understand why this was happening or what to do to overcome this hurdle I had.

    I was at my wits end as family, friends and colleagues started questioning if I actually liked my job and it was frustrating trying to explain how I felt.

    I am so pleased that I contacted Chris to help me, she has given me explanations as to why this has happened and focused on moving forward. Chris listened and tailored my sessions to my needs to help
    me overcome my anxiety.

    Chris has a lovely home with a relaxed environment to be able to carry out the sessions. No issue is to big, small or silly it is all about moving forward.

    After a phased return I am now back to full time work, I have no sense of panic when I'm driving and I have never felt better! Everyone has commented that the 'old me' is back I have started my
    social life again and cannot thank Chris enough.

    I would recommend Chris to anyone!

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