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How will I feel when I’m hypnotised?

You will feel relaxed, calm and comfortable. We enter into trance naturally and easily many times a day - when we daydream, watch television or listen to music. However, in a therapeutic setting it provides a powerful tool to access the problem solving thoughts and behaviours contained within the subconscious mind.


Contrary to what many people believe, hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Whenever our mind wanders or daydreams, we are in a natural state of trance. In a clinical setting this same state is created through the use of visualisation and relaxation in order to help us to access the problem solving 'solution focused' part of our mind, and so to take on new constructive thoughts ideas and suggestions.


Can I be made to do something I don’t want to do?

No you can’t. Fictional TV likes to dramatise hypnosis for the sake of entertainment but the truth is that no-one can be hypnotised against their will.


Can hypnotherapy be used to help children?

Yes, depending on the age of the child and providing they know why they are coming and recognise that there is something they want to change; children and young people can respond well to hypnotherapy.


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